9 ways to teach you how to buy a crib

We know that the baby is sleeping most of the time after birth, so it is important to buy a suitable crib. What should I pay attention to when purchasing a crib?
A suitable crib can help your baby have a good night's sleep, and good sleep can help your baby's growth and development. Therefore, it is very important to pick a "good" crib for your baby.

it is very important to pick a "good" crib for your baby.
How to buy a crib?
1. Wooden crib
The metal cot is the strongest, but the metal has a bad texture, cold and too hard, not suitable for babies. The wooden cot is ideal, strong and gentle. A baby who is growing a tooth likes to pick up something, so it is best to have a protective strip for the bed.
2. The length of the crib is no more than 1 50cm
If the crib is too small, it will be eliminated in about 1 year, which is a waste. However, if it is too big, it can not improve the safety of the baby, so the maximum inner length of the crib is no more than 150cm.
3. Bed fence spacing should not exceed 6cm
Try to choose a cylindrical fence, the distance between the two fences should not exceed 6cm. To prevent the baby from sticking his head out from the middle. The height of the fence is generally higher than the mattress SOcm. If it is too low, when the baby can stand, it is easy to fall out from the bed rail. If it is too high, it will be inconvenient to pick up or put down the baby.
4. Fit the cushion pad
It is best to have a cushion pad around the edge of the crib. The pad should be at least 6 knots, and the bag should be kept to the shortest length to prevent the baby from reaching the neck. It can also be padded on the inner wall of the railing of the crib with a sponge or an inflatable nylon product to prevent the baby's head from hitting the railing and being injured.
5. Choose the right mattress
The mattress and the bed frame should be tightly fitted (the sides of the bed are within 2cm from both sides of the guardrail) to prevent the baby's hands and feet from sticking in. Traditional cotton bedding is a good choice for mattress selection.
6. Positioning card lock
The bed edges on both sides of the crib usually have two height adjustment positions. Some cribs are designed with a single side down control to reduce the chance of accidental release.
7. Wheel
Some cots are equipped with rollers. This cot must pay attention to whether there is a brake device, and the brake device is safe, and the brake device should be relatively firm. Some cribs also have the effect of a cradle, which can be gently shaken. This bed should pay attention to whether the joint is firm. It is best not to use a bed that can only be shaken and not fixed, because the baby grows up, the time to sleep the cradle is very short, and a fixed bed is needed.
8. Gauze
Baby cots are best equipped with mosquito nets . This way, the mosquitoes can be blocked in the summer, and the light can be adjusted when the sun is glaring.
9. Decorative pattern
Don't stick stickers on the surface of the crib. If the sticker is lifted, the baby is likely to tear it down and put it in the mouth.

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