Baby wearing a baby sleeping bags, are these small details moms paying attention?

My son has been wearing a sleeping bag since he was born. The benefits of a baby wearing a sleeping bag are believed to be understood by many mothers. The point is that you don't have to worry about your baby playing the quilt at night and then catching the cold. Mom doesn't need to be nervous in the middle of the night. In case the baby kicks the quilt, he will cover him in time. And the newborn baby, out of the mother's womb will have a sense of security and shock, and the baby in the wrapped sleeping bag can make the baby feel more comfortable and sleep better.
So my baby started using sleeping bags from birth.

The birth was to use halo's wrapped sleeping bag, and later sleeveless, until this winter, he was replaced with a sleeping bag with sleeves and legs. Because he grows up, he is no longer willing to be in a small space, his legs can not stretch freely.


Let me talk about some considerations for choosing a baby sleeping bags.

1. Be sure to choose a fitted baby sleeping bags, too big to keep warm.

2. Choose a baby sleeping bags with a zipper, but be sure to cover the zipper at the zipper to prevent the zipper from scratching the baby. It is also convenient to wear and take off.

3. If the sleeping bag is a button, you should choose a dark button, but it is best not to choose a sleeping bag with a button. The button is easy for the baby to notice, and the young baby is easy to eat.
4. Close-fitting clothing, the material and quality of the sleeping bag need to be carefully selected. A few months old baby recommended halo sleeping bag, after all, professional, grobag thick sleeping bag is also very good, but foreign countries recommend sleeveless sleeping bag to allow the baby hand to stretch activities, but the winter in the south is really hard, cold, I still bought a sleeve with my sleeve, but I can take off my sleeves. The baby  sleeping bags of Aina Knight's yarn is very good, suitable for air conditioning in summer.


5. Foreign countries use tog units to calculate the thickness of sleeping bags, but the domestic brand does not have this unit. A few months old baby can refer to the value of tog and the indoor temperature to choose a sleeping bag. Is 3 years old, I will follow Experience to choose to increase or decrease his clothes. Previously, according to the reference value, he did not wear pants in his sleeping bag, and he runny nose directly the next day.
6. I personally feel that the sleeping bag of the leg is not necessarily enough, because the foot is bare and the baby moves at night, the trousers will shrink to the knees, and a small leg is exposed in the middle of the night, I have a narrow, narrow sealed sleeping bag, so I have to get up in the middle of the night to cover his legs.

7. When the mother can save her heart, she can't sleep until dawn. Although she wears a sleeping bag, I will wake up in the middle of the night to touch his neck and sweat on his back. Generally, it will be a little hot in the middle of the night, and the temperature will decrease in the middle of the night. So I usually wipe him sweat in the middle of the night, and I will cover him in the middle of the night or take care of Him according to his temperature.

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