I spend a month's salary to buy a bag to satisfy your vanity? Netizen: Decisive break up!

I spend a month's salary to buy a bag to satisfy your vanity? Netizen: Decisive break up!

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To be honest, my girlfriend’s understanding is quite unexpected. In March of the 17th, it was the Spring Festival. Everyone was rushing home from the outside to celebrate the festival! It happened that I drove back to my hometown from Guangzhou that day. I thought it would be boring to go back alone. It would be better to take a passenger back together and have a companion. So this single is just my current girlfriend. At that time, it was quite interesting for two people to talk and chat, so they added contact information to each other. Sure enough, we have developed into a male and female friend, and the parents of both sides have seen it many times. Marriage is also a matter of nailing.

At first, my girlfriend was very good to me, because the problem of cooking in the kitchen and cooking can be abhorrent to me. The hands are even from the small to the big, and the girlfriend is distressed. I go to work every day to eat and take away, and my stomach. It has been bad, so she started to give me a healthy lunch every morning. I am very moved because she has to go to work herself, and she thought about her life forever!

But so far, my girlfriend has a problem, I really can't accept it, just want to face! I used to think that only boys can have this kind of face-lifting and fat-faced behavior. I didn’t expect my girlfriend to be like this because of the love of vanity. At the beginning, I added her as a friend. I saw that she was not traveling in the circle of friends today. I was going to eat at a high-end restaurant tomorrow. I was really scared. I almost thought that her family was very rich.

After a period of contact with each other, I realized that the famous brand clothes were bought by her, and it seems that she looks at the high quality of life. She is always carefully created because of her vanity habits. The most over-the-top thing was the day before yesterday. She had been shopping with her girlfriends at first, and then she took a look at a bag and thought about it for two days at a friend's party.

She can have no money but she wants to buy it. So I called and let me go and have a meal together. When I went there, I was paralyzed. This is eating! It’s clear that I want to come over and pay for it! I looked at the price and it crashed directly, not much more than a full five thousand. You said that I have a small white-collar worker who earns only 5,000 a month. Is it too extravagant to spend a month on a package?

Fortunately, when she said this, she went to the bathroom with a girlfriend, otherwise I would like to find a mouse hole to get in. In the end, I didn't buy it. Anyway, my girlfriend came out of the store and had a face. After three days, she was asked to come out to eat and refused. It was just for a bag that kept me smacking, and she didn't want to think about us. The current salary is simply not suitable for carrying such a expensive package. Can vanity be eaten as a meal? Too expensive, I can't afford it! If she can't let it go because of this, what should I do?

I spend a month's salary to buy a bag to satisfy your vanity? Netizen: Decisive break up!Let's take a look at the voices of netizens:

1.break up! Decisive break up! If I were you, I would break up with her, so that a vanity woman would not! This woman is not a person who wants to live with you, even if he is married, he will not hold a house.

2.5 thousand is really expensive. This woman is a little bit eager to vanity. You can ask her if she is not obedient. She will basically be obedient, and you will not be obedient if you are obedient!

3.I don't like to ask my boyfriend for something, I have to have money to buy it myself, no money to buy! The boyfriend wants to buy, not to ask for it. I am currently my husband, and I don't like to ask girls to be independent.

4.Why don't you go to the big money? My boyfriend is so a month, I want to buy it so expensive, let him eat the soil for the next month? Anyway, this woman, I can’t see it, I am also a woman.

5.to see what kind of wife, and every day arguing to buy this buy absolutely do not buy. Never ask for it, occasionally one or two times must be met, after all, is your favorite person.

6.the most hate this kind of love face love to force people, and a few pounds of their own must have a large sum! This kind of girl is suitable for finding a big money to live! Usually the small people are even!

 7.the obvious demand of girls and the real economy is too much difference. In fact, when normal people have vanity, it depends on whether the girl is a vanity person. Occasionally, vanity is normal and can pay for occasional vanity.

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