Correct Method of Manual Milker

When breast-feeding uses breast aspirators, they must know the right way to use them, especially to avoid overwork, which can easily damage women's breasts, leading to swelling and pain. When using breast suction, the whole body should relax. At this time, milk is easier to secrete, the use of breast aspirator will be better. In addition, pay 0attention to the body position and body. Tilt slightly forward, preferably with a soft pillow on the back and start sucking.


Correct Method of Manual Milker

Step 1: Breast relaxation

Before breast suction, appropriate massage and hot compress should be given to the breasts to promote breast expansion and prepare for smooth sucking.

Massage method: 1. Massage the nipple around the nipple to the nipple direction of the small nipple; 2. Gently wipe the nipple with thumb and index finger, change direction, ensure that all directions of the breast and nipple are stimulated; 3. Imagine the baby's lovely shape, or listen to the baby's crying or watch the baby's photos or videos.

Correct Method Step 2: Use Breast Absorber

Maternal sucking device was selected according to their physical condition and began to suck. When sucking, the funnel of the suction device is placed on the areola to make it tightly sealed. In this process, attention should be paid to controlling the time and rhythm of sucking.

Time: Usually the suction cup is used for about 8 minutes. The whole process should be controlled within 20 minutes. It shouldn't be too long.

Rhythm: Mom should use the sucker slowly and manually from slow to fast. When you feel nipple pain or can not suck, do not continue to use the suction cup.

Reminder: If breast pain is found, stop sucking immediately. If it is a working mother, conditional companies will equip nurseries, if no quiet room can be found to smoke.

Method Step 3: Sucking

After sucking breast milk, the lid should be tightly placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration or freezing immediately. 2. After the milk sucker is finished, it must be soaked in hot water or disinfected by microwave oven. 3. The puerpera needs to wipe her chest after sucking and can use an overflow pad to keep her breasts clean and dry.

Matters needing attention in sucking milk with milk sucker

1. Before milking or handling breast milk, hygiene should be prepared. Hands should be cleaned with soap and care should be taken to clean them. In addition, wet towels should be used to clean nipples to prevent contamination of milk.

2. Do not store the milk sucker directly in the refrigerator after sucking in the sealed milk storage tank. The breast milk in the milk sucker should be poured into the special milk storage tank, which has a sealed cover.

3. Refrigeration time The refrigeration time of breast milk in refrigerator should not exceed 72 hours. Breast milk refrigerated for more than 72 hours should be cleaned up in time and infants should not be fed again.

4. Do not mix refrigerated breast milk with fresh breast milk. If a frozen breast milk in the refrigerator is not enough for the baby to finish eating, let the baby finish eating this edible, and then feed the baby's breast milk to other storage tanks, do not mix with the baby's food.

5. Before feeding the baby, put the refrigerated breast milk container into a bowl of warm water to warm up; you can use a special breast milk heater. Do not use microwave oven to thaw breast milk or directly heat breast-feeding baby, because calories are unevenly distributed, it is easy to burn the child's tongue. In addition, high temperature heating can also destroy some nutrients in breast milk.

6. Don't refrigerate your breast milk again. If the baby can't complete the weight at one time, the rest should be dealt with. After thawing, breast milk can no longer be used 24 hours later.

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