How electric breast pump works

Today, there are many types of breast pumps on the market, and the breast pump has an electric type and a manual type. The manual type is divided into a push type, a simple rubber ball type and a syringe type. The electric type can stimulate the breast array and the non-irritating breast array, and also separate the single pump and the double pump. Faced with so many breast pumps, electric breast pump is still the first choice of many new mothers, then everyone knows how the electric breast pump works? Today, let me tell you how the electric breast pump works.

How electric breast pump works

Plastic tubes and horns for electric breast pumps are often referred to as collection systems. Originally developed as a breast pump of this type, the suction of the feed pump passes through the collection system line. The design of this type of collection system is now known as an open system.

Most electric breast pumps use an open collection system. A closed collection system with a barrier or diaphragm separating the pump tube from the horn. In the design, a vacuum collection system is created inside the motor lift diaphragm of the suction pump to extract the breast milk. The open system inhaled air is free to pass. Bacterial and viral filters can be used to prevent any contamination or spillage into the pump motor. The suction of the pump mechanism motor is passed directly to the mother's breast to the indirect and closed diaphragm system.

The open collection system allows for more flow/inhalation of air and may be more effective for most women. These systems can compensate for better tissue elasticity and breast size and shape. When an open collection system is used, pump inhalation can cause breast milk to spill into the collection system piping, which can cause breast milk particles to be drawn into the pump motor. If the breast milk leaks into the pump tube, the tube should be cleaned, disinfected, and the pump used again before air drying. The collection tube could not be completely cleaned, which could cause mold growth. Some models have bacteria and spilled filters to prevent breast milk from entering the pipeline.

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