How to choose a breast pump?

There are a lot of breastfeeding mothers who are troubled by the symptoms of milk swelling, and even worse, even sweating, convulsions. In order to solve this problem, many expectant mothers will prepare breastpump when they are pregnant. Why use a breast pump?

In fact, Mommy, who is not only troubled by breast expansion, needs a breast pump. Some mothers have small nipples and the baby is difficult to suck. At this time, the help of the breast pump is needed. Some mothers can not provide breast milk to the baby in time because of work. Store your breastmilk in an idle time, in case you need it. There are more and more treasure moms using breast pumps, and today we will teach you how to buy breast pumps.

First of all, because the function of the breast pump is to provide enough breast milk for the baby, the final product is to enter the baby's body, so in any case, the baby's mothers should pay attention to the safety of the product before purchasing the product. . It is recommended that mothers check the product before going through the official website to check whether the product has passed the food safety test and other testing procedures.

Electric or manual?”

Regarding the question of whether to choose an electric breast pump or a manual breast pump, the most intuitive difference between the two is the mode of operation, and the most

essential difference is the price. Manual breast pump is of course much cheaper,suitable for mothers  hands-on ability and plenty of time; electric breast pump is relatively expensive, suitable for mothers with more budget and less time.

How to choose a breast pump?

Electric breast pumps

How to choose a breast pump?

manual breast pumps

But in fact, this is not absolute. Some mothers are not able to adapt to the frequency of electric breast pumps. They think that manual breast pumps are more controllable, so now there are some relatively large brands that have introduced electric manual dual-use breast pumps. .

Is it unilateral or bilateral?”

The double breast pump can be used on both sides of the breast, and the single breast pump can only be used on one side. Bilateral breast pumps are faster than single-sided breast pumps, suitable for busy office workers or adequate amounts of milk, as well as the mothers of multiple babies. The unilateral breast pump is more suitable for mothers who have plenty of time and breasts that are not smooth and often blocked. Because the bilateral breast pump does not open the breast, it usually requires a large suction to suck out the breast milk. It is much easier to switch to a single breast pump.

Unilateral- breast- pump

Unilateral breast pump

Bilateral breast pump

Bilateral breast pump

In addition, during feeding, the baby will stimulate breast milk from a short sucking, and then, when the breast milk flows, they switch to a long, slow sucking.

best breast pump

Mothers who use manual breast pumps can control the breast pump to suck the milk in the same way. The mother who uses the electric breast pump does not have to worry. Now many brand manufacturers are simulating the baby's sucking method to design the product, . When purchasing goods, which requires the mothers pay attention to the design concept of the product.

In addition to the operating mode of the breast pump, when we are shopping for goods, we also need to pay attention to whether the accessories of the breast pump horns fit. A suitable horn will help the mother's breast pumping process go smoothly. So how do you judge whether the the breast pump horns cover fits?

After feeding the baby, use a ruler or tape measure to measure the diameter of the nipple (mm) from the base of the nipple. The horn cover needs to be 2mm larger than the nipple after feeding. If the measurement is 19mm, then 21mm is more suitable.

A suitable breast pump can help mothers solve the problem of breastfeeding, and the use of auxiliary products can make the milking process smoother.

Here, we introduce two artifacts to help Mom.

01 hands-free underwear

Free your hands and make breast pumping easier!

best breast pump

Using hands-free underwear, mothers can read magazines, surf the Internet, and the process of sucking milk is easier, and the amount of milk will increase.

02 warm milk

The milk storage method is generally refrigerated or frozen, and when it is necessary to feed, the breast milk is taken out from the refrigerator.

the warm milk device

At this time, the warm milk device needs to be heated to the temperature suitable for the baby to eat. The current warm milk device design is very user-friendly, not only can be fixed operation but also provides the function of constant temperature thawing to ensure that the nutrients in the breast milk will not be lost.

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