How To Choose A Diaper Bag, You Need To Pay Attention To These 3 Points

Expectant Mommy will pay attention to Diaper bag during pregnancy, and the requirements for Diaper bag are more and more detailed. For example, multi-function bag, bottle bag, coin bag, should be easy to clean, and many layers, Large space, not only a stylish appearance, but also the Diaper bag must be fashion. Moms want to choose a favorite Diaper bag, start from the following three points!

How to choose a diaper bag, you need to pay attention to these three points

[Diaper bag material]

First type: canvas

The canvas has good waterproof performance. The biggest feature is that it is durable. Especially for the mother who wants to bring a lot of things out, this kind of material has a large weight and will not be easily damaged, so it is more economical and practical. However, the canvas material of the Diaper bag also has some shortcomings, that is, it is not waterproof, is not resistant to dirt, and is easily deformed, yellowed, and faded by washing.     

Second: polyester

Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is its good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor clothing such as jacket clothing, various bags and tents. In addition, the Diaper bag made of polyester material is easy to clean, and can be cleaned directly with detergent powder, and it is easy to dry. However, it has poor hygroscopicity and is not air permeable. It is easy to bring a stuffy feeling in the summer back, and it may cause static electricity in the winter back.

Third: Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is a new type of combed cotton fabric. Oxford cloth itself is strong and resilient, and it retains its original appearance and has a long service life after long-term use. The bags made of this fabric are sought after by many fashionable ladies with their stylish appearance, delicate texture and good waterproofness. So it is very suitable for the beauty of Mommy.

However, ordinary Oxford cloth also has a significant disadvantage, that is, it is not wear-resistant, so it should be avoided to rub it with hard objects for a long time to avoid damage.

Fourth: nylon

Nylon has high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength, and is suitable for making Mummy bags for storing a variety of items. In addition, its wear resistance is higher than all other fibers, so adding some nylon when making clothes and bags will greatly increase the wear resistance. The diaper bag is made of light, easy to wash and waterproof.

How to choose a diaper bag, you need to pay attention to these three points

Although nylon has good water resistance, it lacks water absorption, so it is not breathable, and it is not resistant to light and aging.

[Diaper bag style]

  1. One-shoulder diaper bag

The one-shoulder diaper bag is suitable for mothers and children for a short time and shallow outdoor. The main advantage of the shoulder is to liberate the hands, making it easier for the mother to take care of the baby. The one-shoulder diaper bag is not only suitable for moms, but also for dads. The key problem is that its weight can't be dispersed, and it's all handed to a single shoulder. It will feel aching shoulders after a long time.

  1. Double shoulder diaper bag

The double shoulder diaper bag is suitable for long-term outdoor activities for mothers and children, for example, the whole family travels for more than one day. The main point of the double shoulder  strap is that the weight is evenly distributed on the shoulders, reducing the sense of weight. It may be more troublesome when compared to one-shoulder bag.

  1. Portable diaper bag

The portable diaper bag is suitable for fashionable mothers to go shopping with their baby, making the mother convenient and fashionable. However, the purely portable Mummy bag is relatively smaller and smaller, and is suitable for some short-term needs.

[design of diaper bag]

  1. Multi-zone design

Multi-zone design diaper bags are more convenient to use. This design has a reasonable layout, it is convenient to put the baby's various items into categories, everything seems so orderly, and the items are also very convenient, so that novice moms will not be in a hurry.

1.paper towel mouth and kettle storage design: according to the frequency of taking the daily items, the side pockets of the bag cleverly store the two things of the kettle and the paper towel, which is very convenient to use and does not occupy the space inside the bag.

2.dry and wet separation design: take the baby out to prepare some dry clothes, so that when the urine is wet, the dry and wet separation design can effectively separate dry clothes and wet clothes, keep the package clean and hygienic.

3.large opening design: The large opening allows Mommy to see what is stored at a glance, and can get the things he needs as quickly as possible.

4.independent milk bottle area: When you go out with your baby, you usually need to prepare hot water or milk powder in advance. The bottle area in the Mummy bag will have a tin foil insulation layer on the inner layer to play the role of  milk insulation.

  1. Travel interface design

Most moms and dads will use the trolley when they go out with their baby. The travel interface on the diaper bag is designed to connect the diaper bag and the trolley for more convenient travel.

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