How to choose a leather bag, we must pay attention to these points

For a woman, the bag can be said to be the second face, and it can be changed frequently. So how do we buy the right bag?

Nowadays, all kinds of bags and materials on the market are very dizzying. It is very difficult to choose a leather bag with good value for money. Today, I will introduce some useful skills to my friends when I buy leather bags. After reading the tasting ability of everyone, it will definitely help.

Look at leather material

The leather bag is made by de-oiling various animal skins, drying them, dyeing them, and then manufacturing them through professional processes. Each process is very important, which is related to the sale of finished products. There are cowhide bags, sheepskin bags and crocodile bags in the market. Different leather bags have different texture textures and their own characteristics.

1: cowhide

Cowhide is the most widely used in leather bags. It is fine and smooth, breathable and water permeable, and its plasticity is also very good. It is convenient to make various shapes. Careful observation of the material surface of the cowhide can reveal a uniform and tight circular pore distribution, and the entire leather surface is smooth and delicate, and the texture is firm and elastic.

Because of its strong plasticity and solid texture, it is generally used to make briefcases, handbags and the like.

Compared with cowhide, sheepskin should be delicate and soft. Careful observation of the surface of the sheepskin reveals that the pores of the sheepskin are in the shape of a flat garden with clear pores and arranged in a scale or jagged shape, which looks like a water ripple. Generally, when using a leather bag in a high-end social occasion such as a banquet, you can choose a sheepskin material.

Common sheepskin material can be divided into goatskin and sheepskin. The fiber of the goatskin is fuller than the sheepskin, and it is better than the sheep skin in ductility and abrasion resistance. However, because the sheep skin is higher in fat content than the goat skin, the sheep skin is lighter, softer and more textured. .

3: crocodile skin

Crocodile skin is also a kind of leather material that is more common on the market. According to the origin of crocodile skin, crocodile skin material can be divided into three types: Australian Bay crocodile, Nile crocodile and alligator.

1.Australian Bay Crocodile

The Australian Bay crocodile skin is the best of the three crocodile skins. Its pattern is even and tidy, the leather is fine and fleshy, and the surface is covered with fine pores and the hand feels tough. However, due to over-hunting, the crocodile is already on the verge of extinction. Generally, the leather bag of this material is expensive and has a collection value.

2.Nile crocodile

Nile crocodiles come from Africa. These leathers are usually from their abdomen and are used by manufacturers to make leather bags, shoes and so on. Its overall surface has a small square shape with a relatively uniform size and a layered feel. However, because of the tiny black spots on the leather of the Nile crocodile, it is the only flaw.


The alligator's leather is thicker and fuller, and its pattern is also grilled, but smaller than the Nile crocodile. The leather gloss is the best of the three crocodiles. The most distinctive feature is that there are no stomata on the surface of the leather, but there are some protrusions of different sizes. Generally, men's shoes and briefcases are made.

Look at the leather level

After confirming the leather bag that wants the leather, you need to understand a more important concept when purchasing. That is the level of leather. When buying leather bags, I often see some product introductions that have the distinction between “first layer leather” and “two layer leather”, which is divided according to the level of leather.

1: first layer leather

The first layer of leather is usually directly processed from various animal skins, and some of the skin layers are relatively thick. Generally, it is subjected to depilation treatment, and then cut into upper and lower layers. The upper part here is also called so-called top layer leather.

This processed top layer leather has some natural scars on the animal and creases naturally formed by the leather. If pressed with a finger, the irregular texture appears.

In the process of processing the top layer leather, there will be a lot of scraps. These are essentially the top layer leather. It is a pity to throw them away, so it will be pressed by the manufacturer to make a whole top layer leather. The texture and fineness of the leather are slightly inferior to the complete top layer leather.

2: Two-layer leather

The second layer of leather is made by breaking the subcutaneous layer of the animal, then adding polyethylene and glue, and then pressing a series of chemical processing.

And after pressing, the surface will be covered with a PU film, so the thickness of the two-layer leather is much higher than that of the top layer. But don't think that the thickness of the two-layer leather is thicker than that of the top layer, and the wear resistance is better than that of the top layer. The result is exactly the opposite.

Generally, the high-end leather bags will choose the top layer leather material, while those fashion brands with the main design style will prefer the second layer leather.

Look at the quality of leather

In fact, many of my friends are not afraid to buy inappropriate leather bags, but are afraid that the bags that have been bought at a big price are fake, and that is really worth the loss. Let's share with you the three tips for distinguishing the true and false of leather.

1: Look

True animal leather has natural pores, and the clearer the pores, the higher the quality. The synthetic artificial leather, if you go to see it, will not see the traces of the pores at all, and only see some imitation patterns.

In addition, in addition to the leather surface, we can also see the cross section of the leather. In general, the cortical cross section of the dermis has obvious animal fibers and the texture is relatively loose. The artificial leather does not have such fibers, and they are relatively neat cross-sections.

2: smell

Animal leather will have a faint body odor, and the artificial leather will not cover its chemical odor. If the conditions permit, you can tear off the enamel fiber from the back of the leather and use a fire to smear it. The pungent chemical smell is artificial leather, which is the leather that emits the smell of hair.

3: Touch

The method of identification is relatively simple, just press the surface of the leather with your fingers, the elasticity of the dermis is better, there will be small irregular lines after pressing, and the pressure will disappear, and the wrinkles on the leather will disappear immediately. The resilience of the artificial leather is obviously not as good as that of the dermis. After the hand is released, there will be a texture on the surface.

The above is some simple ways to choose a leather bag, I hope these can help you pick the leather bag you like.

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