How to choose a breast pump

How to choose the right breast pump is believed to be a problem that every mother cares about. This is related to the healthy growth of the baby.

How to choose a suitable breast pump

The frequency with which you plan to breastfeed your baby determines which breast pump you should choose, and how to choose a suitable breast pump. We recommend that you help your baby to supply milk better according to your needs.
The electric breast pump is suitable for feeding the baby from the bottle twice a week or once. The manual breast pump is suitable for travel or as an alternative to the electric breast pump. Choose the breast pump that best suits your needs.

How to choose a suitable breast pump

1.Full-time mother
If you want to use breastfeeding all the time, your baby needs to receive breastfeeding from the bottle no more than twice a week. You can choose which ones only need to use the breast pump occasionally.
2. Part-time mother
You can choose a good electric breast pump so that when you go to the studio, your child's dad can use your pre-prepared breast milk to feed your baby.
3. Irregular milk mom
For newborn babies, because your mother's breasts are not yet clear and there is less milk, choosing a suitable breast pump to provide a continuous supply of breast milk will help protect your baby's ration.
4. Mother with less breast milk
For mothers with less milk, you can choose an electric breast pump to let your baby eat breast milk on time and grow up healthily.

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