Is it good to feed the dog with an automatic feeder?

Nowadays, many pet owners have a dog-feeding artifact, that is, the dog automatic feeder, so that if they are busy with work, they can let the dogs eat themselves. Is the automatic feeder really good? In fact, considering the health of dog babies, the best advice for feeding dogs is to let them develop a good habit of eating at regular intervals. Of course, some pet owners can't avoid the problem of being unable to work because they can't work. This way, before they went out to work, they gave the dog babies a large bowl of dog food in the automatic feeder so that the dog can go eat himself, so there is no need to worry that the dog will appear hungry belly this problem. This can really solve the problem that the dog owners are not at home.Then we need to understand whether such feeding is beneficial to the health of dogs.

Is it good to feed the dog with an automatic feeder?

First, the excessive diet caused by the automatic feeder

Dogs have a big stomach, and their eating habits dog owners should be clear to the dog. Whether the dogs are full or hungry, they will always eat for a long time without eating, dog baby. Their eating speed can be described as very fast. Some dog babies are good at controlling the amount of food they eat. If they are full, they will not overeat and then walk away. But there are still some dog babies who have eaten enough, but they will continue to eat as long as they see food in their dog bowls. It is also necessary to emphasize that we have to give the dog a regular feeding or let the dog eat by itself. If we regularly arrange for the dogs to eat, then the dogs feel it. Hungry, but still have to wait until the main people feed them. Conversely, if the dog is fed with an automatic feeder, the dogs are relatively free. They feel like they are hungry and ran to eat for themselves. In this way, the dog is very hard to control himself.

What needs us to pay attention to is the dog's exercise problem. If the dog owner has been busy at work and is not at home, the dog's outing exercise will be reduced. As a result, the dog's diet is excessive and indigestible, so it is easy to let the dog The accumulation of fat in the baby's body causes the dog to become obese and affects the health of the body. The more fat the dog, the less they like sports, which causes a vicious circle, which causes their obesity problems to become more and more serious.

Is it good to feed the dog with an automatic feeder?

Second, how to improve

As the most responsible dog owner, we have to observe and understand our own dog babies. We must be familiar with their routines, so even if we feed the dogs with automatic feeders, the dog owners can control the feeding amount. Will not let the dog eat too much or overeating.

Is it good to feed the dog with an automatic feeder?
First, the dog owner should choose the food that best suits them for the dog babies: dogs also have their own tastes. For a long time, we need to understand their tastes, give them the food they love, and balance the nutrition.

Second, give the dog babies a regular and quantitative feeding method: feeding the baby dogs is the same as raising the children. They should not let them eat at their own discretion. Parents should give them control. This is very beneficial to the health of the dogs.

Third, appropriately increase the amount of exercise for the puppies, life comes from sports, and dogs are no exception.

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