Is the breast pump good? An article for the novice mom to understand, the answer is reliable!

Nowadays, many novice mothers will prepare a breast pump in the waiting bag to ensure that if the baby is not easy to drink after birth, he can use the breast pump to help suck the milk and give the baby breast milk for the first time. So, is it good to use a breast pump? How to use it properly if you get a breast pump?

In the face of these questions, today Xiaobian will answer some doubts for some novice mothers, to learn about this legendary artifact.

Mom Class: What is the breast pump used for?

The breast pump is a tool for sucking out the milk accumulated in the breast. It can preserve the breast milk, and even if the mother is not at the baby's side, the baby can still drink the breast milk.

The role of the breast pump is very good. First of all, it can help clear the breast and open the milk as soon as possible. This is the most important thing. It can ensure that the baby will eat milk in time and will not go hungry. Secondly, it is easier to judge the amount of milk of the mother, and also to determine the amount of milk the baby is eating. Once again, it is basically possible to absorb the breasts each time, which can reduce the pain caused by the milk rise. Moreover, the mother does not have to feed the baby anytime, anywhere, and does not have to stay in the same position for a long time, causing backache and leg pain.

In general, the use of breast pumps by the mother has little effect on the health of the mother and the baby, but the breast pump should not be used too often, otherwise it may bring some adverse effects, and remember to disinfect the breast pump frequently. Otherwise it is easy to bring bacteria.

Answer 3 questions about Mommy’s use of breast pump

Many new mothers are somewhat unfamiliar with the breast pump, so they are full of doubts about it. The following questions are of common concern to everyone:

  1. Will the breast pump absorb less milk?

Some people think that using a breast pump will make milk less and less. This is not the case, the breast pump is conducive to the growth of milk, the principle of the breast pump is the same as the principle of baby sucking, of course, the feeling is somewhat different, but you can manually adjust to the same frequency as the baby sucks.

     2.Will the breast pump hurt my mother's breasts?

If the breast pump is used without the dredge of the mammary gland, it may become more and more blocked. If the breast tube above is blocked, the light nipple and areola cannot absorb the milk. Because the breast pump will pressurize on the breast when sucking milk, the local soft tissue will be damaged for a long time, which will cause edema and make the nipple become swollen and hard. Therefore, if the breast pump is used correctly, it will not hurt the breast.

  1. Will the milk sucked out by the breast pump be bad?

A novice mother may worry that the milk that is sucked out by the breast pump is not high, but in fact, the quality of the milk is not related to whether or not the breast pump is used. The nutrition of the milk is from the mother's milk and does not cause the loss of nutrients. 

How to use the breast pump correctly? Use these 5 steps to easily achieve breast pumping!

Through the above sharing mothers should have a general understanding, if the breast pump is used correctly and reasonably, it is a good helper for sucking milk, but if it is used incorrectly, there may be unnecessary trouble. So, what if the breast pump is used correctly?

Step 1: Do the disinfection and cleaning work. First disinfect the breast pump and wash your hands and breasts at the same time.

Step 2: Press the funnel and massage pad of the breast pump tightly on the breast, and do not allow air to enter. Gently press the handle, the suction of the breast pump does not have to reach the maximum extent, as long as the milk can flow smoothly;

Step 3: When you first start sucking, you can quickly press the handle 5-6 times. Next, press and hold the handle to stay for 2-3 seconds, then release the handle to automatically return it. This is a natural sucking action that mimics BB. The milk will flow out when the handle is returned;

Step 4. If there is no milk flowing out during the pressure, don't worry, relax and try again. If you are uncomfortable during the pumping process, stop and consult a doctor immediately; using a massage pad will speed up the flow of milk, making breast pumping easier;

Step 5: It takes 10 minutes to extrude 60-125 ml of milk. But each body is different, there are always differences. If you squeeze more than 125 ml of milk at a time, use a larger bottle.

All in all, the breast pump is a convenient tool to help your mother suck the milk. If it is used correctly, it can bring a lot of convenience, but be sure to pay attention to the method and cleaning and disinfection during use, otherwise it will bring health to the mother's breasts. Adverse effects!

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