Is the breast pump selected manually or electrically?

Is the breast pump selected manually or electrically? The 5 manual breast pump on breast that moms love, How do you choose?

After the baby is born, we can't always guard the baby. When we are not there, how can we give the baby milk? At this time you need a breast pump, suck out the milk in advance and save it. When the baby is hungry, feed the baby by heating the milk.

What is a breast pump?

The breastfeeding pump is a tool for sucking the breast milk out of the mother body by generating a vacuum pressure through the handle and the electric pump. The massage pads of many breast pumps begin to imitate the action of the baby sucking, and the use is convenient and quick.

What are the types of breast pumps?

1.manual breast pump

Manual breast pump requires the mother to manually press the handle, creating a pressure difference to suck the milk into the container. This manual breast pump is small, lightweight and easy to carry, making it suitable for traveling. The disadvantage is that the suction is small, and the arm is numb for a long time. breast pump

There are two types of rechargeable and plug-in power supplies. When sucking milk, you can adjust the gear to change the suction. The automatic breast pump easy to use and sucks quickly. The disadvantage is that the assembly is troublesome and limited by the power supply. It is not suitable for going out.

Recommend 5 new mothers' favorite manual breast pump

1.Medela manual breast pump

Medela manual breast pump

Medela is made in a safe material that does not contain BPA and does not pose any health hazard to your baby. This breast pump is easy to assemble and easy to clean and durable. Suitable for traveling. The downside is that the pressure is not too high and the rotating handle can sometimes get stuck.

2.Lansino manual breast pump

Lansino manual breast pump

2 sizes available

Advantage: the assembly is convenient, the milk collecting device is convenient to disassemble, and the noise is small. Ingenious design reduces fatigue in the breasts.

Disadvantages: Breast milk sometimes leaks out.

3.Evenflo manual breast pump


  Evenflo manual breast pump


Advantages: simple assembly, easy to eat, the material does not contain BPA and phthalates.

Disadvantages: Cleaning is cumbersome and sometimes the breasts feel pain.

4.Philips Avent manual breast pump

Philips Avent manual breast pump

Many mothers like this brand very much, so let's look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: Compact design, light weight, easy to carry out, and compatible with electric breast pump.

Disadvantages: occasionally leaking milk

5.Nuk manual breast pump

Nuk manual breast pump

Advantages: Unique design, easy to control the amount of suction, faster breast pumping. Lightweight and easy to carry.

Disadvantages: After a long time of use, the suction will be weakened. Breast pads occasionally leak milk.

Pay attention to these points when choosing a breast pump

1.pad design

The breast pump pad simulates the baby's breastfeeding action, and the breast can easily obtain suction without pain.

2.the design is simple, easy to carry

Manual breast pump should be designed to be simple and easy to clean. Because it usually goes out with a manual breast pump.

3.can control the strength of breast pumping

Manually, the general needs can be met, and the mother can adjust the strength and speed of the pressing handle according to her own feelings.

4.easy to carry

The breast pump is mostly used when going to work or going out, so the breast pump is effective in volume and convenient for storage.


It is important that the breast pump is muted, whether electric or manual. Going to work and going out to suckle milk can avoid disturbing others.     

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