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Is the dog automatic feeder reliable? Is the automatic feeder good?

Going out, what about the three meals for dogs? According to our understanding, almost half of the pet owners have no fixed time to feed their own dogs. Even if you plan your daily trip, you may be disrupted by sudden changes. Therefore, some busy office workers will choose a dog automatic feeder to be placed in the home, then this approach is not reliable? Is the dog automatic feeder really good?

 Dog automatic feeder

We know that dogs are greedy, as long as you are willing to feed, even if they support, they have to take a few mouthfuls, and they swallow it when they taste good. Therefore, the first concern of many owners about automatic dog feeders is how to do the machine to fatten the dog. After all, fattening is easy to lose weight. Too much obesity also affects the health of the dog.

 Dog automatic feeder

But now, there are many different versions of automatic pet feeders on the market. Among them, there are automatic feeders that can regularly and quantitatively deliver dog food. It is very intelligent and can set the weight of each meal to be fed. There is no need to worry about the uncontrollable dog's diet.

 Dog automatic feeder

Although there are many tutorials on homemade pet feeders on the Internet, we still advise everyone not to play such small cleverness, because the destructive power of dogs is also well known. The safety and functionality of homemade feeders are not as good as professional automatic feeders. If you feel that you have used automatic feeders, it may not be enough for you to buy inferior products or to spend money. Automatic feeders are still very popular among pet owners, especially for some busy working people. In general, the popularity of dog automatic feeders is very high for those who are often unable to stay at home because of work.

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