Precautions when using automatic breast pump

Many times, you need to use an automatic breast pump. For example, a new mother has too much breast milk, but the baby has no time to eat. At this time, breast milk should be squeezed out to save, because the breasts produce more milk after emptying.

Sometimes when you go out with your infant, if you don't have a suitable breastfeeding location, you can use a breast pump to squeeze out the breast milk in advance to save. When you are outside, when the child is hungry, you don't have to worry about letting the child hungry.
Precautions when using automatic breast pump
Automatic breast pump has many benefits, which is why it is getting more and more fire.

In addition, the automatic breast pump is also used in the following aspects: the infant is in poor health or premature birth, the mother has something to do for a while, the mother has no way to breastfeed the baby, and can not get enough breast milk using various milking methods, etc. Next, let's talk about the steps to use an automatic breast pump:

1. Clean with a soap handle.

2. Prepare an empty pump to be used.

3.first of all to do some massage on the breast. The steps of the massage are as follows: massage from the upper part of the breast to the nipple, then massage from bottom to top. Repeat several times and carefully massage the entire breast.

4. Place the breast pump correctly on the areola, centered on the nipple. the beginning, adjust the suction to the lowest, then turn on the switch of the electric pump, the whole person should not be too nervous.

6. Increase the suction slightly and keep it comfortable. The suction should not be higher than the recommended level of the breast pump.

7. Wait until the breasts become soft and stop pumping when almost half of the milk is squeezed out.

8. then start to suck another breast, the same applies to the above steps before breast pumping.

If you want to squeeze more breastmilk, the new mother may want to try to replace the breast pump to squeeze the two breasts, or you can take a break and continue to breast milk.

9. Pour the extruded breast milk into a storage container and refrigerate.

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