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Seven skills that w women must know about bags and clothes--Summer handbags 2019

Seven skills that women must know about bags and clothes. First, the matching of w hite clothes and bags Second, the matching of blue clothes and bags Third, the matching of black clothes and bags Fourth, the matching of brown clothes and bags Fifth, purple clothes and bags match Sixth, the matching of green clothes and bags Seventh, matching beige clothes and bags  

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What should I pay attention to when matching a lady handbag?w

Ladies bag classification: There are a wide variety of women's bags, and the styles are different. If you want to give him a classification, you can divide it from four aspects: from the style classification: mainly including handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, backpacks, Bags, backpacks, purses, purses, wrist bags, etc. Category: fashion casual bags, luggage bags, sports bags, business bags, evening bags, wallets, key bags, Mummy bags, cosmetic bags, briefcases, insulation bags, etc. From material classification: leather bag, PU bag, PVC bag, canvas bag, nylon bag, hand-woven bag, etc.

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Basic knowledge of leather handbags care w

How to choose a handbag that suits you? How to maintain the leather of the bag? Each type of leather has different qualities, so different care methods and appropriate care products are required. What are the basic knowledge of leather? Where can I buy high quality leather handbags? What type of leather is best for handbags? What is your favorite handbag? What is the best handbag? At weyking, you will find the answer you need.

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