What should I pay attention to when matching a lady handbag?w

The ladies bag, as the name implies, is a women-only bag that is gender-specific and limited to women's aesthetics. A woman's bag is as essential as a shadow. Whether you are out shopping, hiking, or fashion PARTY, you will find an affordable, real and stylish bag. A suitable bag is like your personal companion. It accepts all your sundries without any reservations, making it easy and convenient. I believe many beautiful women have a soft spot for fashionable bags. I don't want to abandon my own bag too much. A fashionable bag can enhance your charming temperament. It is also a very private and secret item. Nowadays, women's bags are not only for loading things, but also for women. It is a decorative symbol and a symbol of identity. It also shows your unique taste and temperament. The women's bag has become a necessity for modern women's carry-on accessories.

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Ladies bag classification: There are a wide variety of women's bags, and the styles are different. If you want to give him a classification, you can divide it from four aspects: from the style classification: mainly including handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, backpacks, Bags, backpacks, purses, purses, wrist bags, etc. Category: fashion casual bags, luggage bags, sports bags, business bags, evening bags, wallets, key bags, Mummy bags, cosmetic bags, briefcases, insulation bags, etc. From material classification: leather bag, PU bag, PVC bag, canvas bag, nylon bag, hand-woven bag, etc.w

Lady handbag with matching skills; height height of more than 170? If the answer is no, I suggest you give up the oversized bag. Often a poor little girl, with an oversized bag, is indeed eye-catching, but her whole person is often visually overwhelmed by the pressure of big bags. The posture handbag should be pulled in the arm, the elbow is naturally 90 degrees against the waistline; when using the small shoulder strap, the handbag can be fixed with the armpit to avoid the front and back of the bag; the strapless handbag is single-handed Hold on the chest, or naturally along the length of the arm, close to the thigh, sisters should not put the strapless bag under the arm!w

The overall color of the same color is a combination of deep and light, which can create a generous and elegant shape. The handbag is in sharp contrast with the color of the wear. For example, the black dress with the bright red bag and the shoes is a bright personality; the handbag can also be Any of the colors chosen in the pattern of floral skirts or printed tops, the overall feel is lively yet elegant.w

Lady handbag color scheme:

The same color bag and clothes are in a deep and shallow way of matching the same color, which can create a very elegant feeling, such as: dark brown suit camel bag.w

Contrast bags and clothes can also be a strong contrast color, which will be a very eye-catching match. For example: black suit red belt red bag black high heels.w

Embellished color Neutral color clothing with embellished color bags, so that you will be very good, such as: camel dress sky blue bag camel high heels.w

The color of the printed bag can be a color in the clothing print, for example: olive green, beige, brown printed dress, brown bag, brown high heels.w

Women's handbags with taboos: younger women are better off for lighter shades, while older women are better for darker shades. Of course, the style is also very important, mainly reflected in the requirements of the age group.w

Occupation OL can choose a simple style; while friends who are often out, you can choose a casual bag. If you need to meet customers frequently or need to bring some information, you can choose a practical bag.w

Season Summer should be light or light solid. In the winter, choose a slightly darker color. In the spring and autumn seasons, the color is mainly soft, and the choice of bags is wider. It is necessary to pay attention to the match with the clothes.w

Characters Traditional friends carry some simple and fashionable solid color bags to show their subtlety and connotation; avant-garde friends recommend bright colors, and the models are more fashionable.w

Occasionally, for example, an interview should carry a bag with a slightly harder cortex and no green flowers. If you want to go out and have a leisurely bag, when you are on a business trip, choose different bags and clothes according to your customers.w

Backpack bag precautions

1 : Items that are not needed on the day should be taken out in time, and less belts can be worn less, so it is better to not feel the pressure on the shoulders. Like to hang small ornaments on the bag, it is recommended to hang some light plush toys.w

2: The shoulder bag is the best choice. The weight behind it can make the chest open to a large extent. This posture is a kind of protection for the spine. (Recommendation: Adjust the length of the shoulder strap, not too long, let the backpack as a whole stick and the back, the bottom waist, the waist belt should be adjusted to the length buckle, so that more than 60% of the weight can be transferred to the lumbosacral region, It will be a lot easier. If the bag is large, it will be heavy and heavy. When you have a back, you have to bend down, carry the shoulder straps back, adjust it and stand up again, and fasten your belt.w

3: Some bags are too thin, and the texture is hard, especially the shoulder bag, which is easy to cause damage to the trapezius of the shoulder. When purchasing, choose a wide and soft style of the straps to minimize the pressure on the shoulders.w

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