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What should I pay attention to when picking a bag??

1, bag car line: the car line of the bag can best reflect its quality, the first line must be straight! The sly line not only makes the bag go away, but also makes people feel it is a defective product! The second is to look at the tightness of the line, the poor bag line car is very loose, you can pick it out with a single pick, so the bag is not only unbearable quality, but also very easy to rotten! This is due to the laziness of the workers during sewing and the negligence of the reverse line to seal the line! The best thing is the double-line bag, the high-end bag will also be double-lined, and finally the texture of the line, how to see? The general cotton thread will be raised, it is easy to break, the good line will be added to the nylon, then it will be much tougher, and the thickness of the line is also very important. The thick line can not only be used as a bag decoration, but also The bag is stronger.
2, bag fabric: this is difficult to master, because the bag fabric is too many varieties, let's not say leather, only around the most used PU leather, not thick hard fabric is a good fabric The most important thing is to look at the feel, which is not described by the pen and ink. Everyone feels different, but the good fabric will feel soft when you touch it, it is like leather. Then the fabric is generally not much better. The fabric is relatively thin, and the elasticity is very strong. We call it a garment leather. It is generally used as a fabric for making clothes. If it is used on a bag, this bag is a super soft bag. The bag has a heavy drape and has collapsed. The effect is that the garment leather is easy to distinguish between good and bad, and the worst one will be torn open by hand.
  As for the recently popular patent leather (Glossy PU), this is also based on personal feeling, the poor patent leather will make people feel very plastic. The hard stretch is not textured, but the fabric is too broad in this respect. It is also unclear in a few words. In the end, the buyers have to judge.
3, bag zipper: There are 3 kinds of zippers for making bags: resin, nylon, copper, resin, we will not say, because it is used in women's bags, talk about nylon and copper teeth Zipper, nylon zipper is generally very smooth, no big problem, of course, the zipper is not allowed to let the clerk change one, the copper zipper is relatively high-grade, the price is much more expensive than the nylon zipper, but the copper zipper will often appear If the pull is not smooth, this does not mean that the zipper is bad, (of course, there are also bad possibilities), but the new copper tooth zipper will generally have a card because it has not been rubbed.
  As long as the Dora is just fine, don't try to pull the stuck, it is easy to let the zipper head derail, then the whole bag is finished. The correct way to pull the copper zipper is to balance the ends of the zipper. Pull straight through the line. If you don't have a card in this way, you can wipe the wax on the zipper (you can wipe it with a normal candle on the zipper). This zipper will be a lot better.
4, bag cloth: This is the best place to reflect the quality of a bag! There are a lot of materials in the lining. The general bag will use nylon lining, which has a light surface. The lining feels lower grade, but some brands like to use nylon lining jacquard, so the sub-grade goes up, another one It is a lining cloth, the lining is woven in a cross, the crotch is very tough, and there is a twill cloth. This lining is cotton, soft, but the high-end bags are like Pure cotton lining, there are some bags will be used in velvet and pigskin, these are used by high-end brands, quality problems are not big, we will save some saliva.
  Say the type of lining, what kind of situation is it bad? First, there are many lines. Second, there is a situation of drawing (this is more often found in the beads). Third, the lining and the bag itself are not enough to serve, how is the position not enough? That is to say, the rib is smaller than the bag, and there is still a lot of space in the middle of the bag and the lining. Fourth, the lining is very loose, which usually appears in the twill cotton cloth. This is the quality problem of the cloth itself. The weaving is very loose and cost-saving, so the lining makes people feel a little weak.
5, hardware: bag hardware is the most important to see plating, as long as the hardware is not rough or not embroidered or can be, but there is a kind of hardware color is green bronze, this hardware color is supposed to make a feeling of dilapidated, so It is a bit black, it is not a hardware quality problem, there is a kind of hardware is better called sweeping ancient, the color is a single color of the bronze is very clean like a protective film, this kind of hardware is relatively high-grade, used in The overall effect on the bag has also gone up.

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