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The Designer of Weyking

Wey King, the Designer of Weyking

Follow My Dream

My name is Wey King, and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself and Weyking to you.

As a fashion swimwear designer

Find My Gap
When I first came to ShangHai with the aim of launching a line of swimwear, I had no design experience. What I did have was a passion for fashion, a great deal of research into the industry. I infuse each swimwear with my sentiments.

Weyking Was Born
Shanghai welcomed me and my designs, giving me a new home that I’m proud to call my own.I named the company after my name I lived on when I arrived in city and started my new journey as a fashion designer. To me, Weyking means good luck, happiness, and growth. I want you to share in the happiness I’ve found too.

From a Tourist to a Swimwear Designer

On The Journey
Today, I am no longer engaged in tourism. I’m in the fashion scene in Shanghai with a handsome husband and a young boys. My dreams have come true, and I look forward to being a part of yours; because I know that bikini instills you with a sense of pride and confidence. When you feel that way, you go out and conquer the world.