Based on the many levels of sublime arts, we have created a superlative collection of functional fashion swimwear. Bikini that are valuable as a chic addition to one’s wardrobe, but also honor world-class culture with the most highly advanced modern technology.

We are proud to present Weyking swimwear, who exists to be a paragon of the blend of tradition with modernity, the beauty of fashion and technology, and the conventions of Eastern and Western cultures through world-class design and the most innovative technology. Bring fundamental revolution to the contemporary fashion field.


Become a must-have addition to every woman’s wardrobe.


Weyking relentlessly presents culturally and artistically rich, fashionable and exquisite swimwear to our customers with our superb craftsmanship and highest quality, and communicates our cultural and artistic influence through the products we design in an effort to ignite the passion and dream.


  • Culture and art are the soul of our existence

We value culture and artistic diversity, because they not only are the inspirational source of the products we design, but also influence the way we think and the way we do business.

  • Creativity is our unwavering goal

We strive to seek perpetual and constant creativity to stand out from all others through the products we provide.

  • Quality is the fundamental of our business

We aim to achieve the highest quality in everything we do, from product design to manufacturing.

  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal

We value our customers and aim to treat them with the highest level of professionalism at every point of interaction.


Culturally and Artistically Inspired